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I just got my Chromebook and... (click here for some common questions and issues)

How do I login with a badge?

  1. Start up your Chromebook.

  2. Click the ADD PERSON button in the lower left corner of the screen.

  3. Click the blue NEXT button in the lower right corner of the window.

  4. Hold your badge up to the camera to login.

It seems like it needs an update?

It's possible. We repurposed our entire fleet of Chromebooks, so there may be details that got missed in transitioning 900 computers in a few weeks.

  1. Click on the clock in the lower right corner to open the information window.

  2. Select the gear in the top row of the window.

  3. Choose the ABOUT CHROME OS link on the bottom of the menu on the left side of the settings window.

  4. The window will display a version number (it shoud be Version 83 or higher) and there is a button to check for updates.

Nothing happens when I press the power button.

  • It's possible that the battery has fully discharged.

  • To get it running, first try charging the Chromebook for an hour or so.

  • If it won't start when plugged in or after an hour on the charger, please put in a help request - https://helpdesk.pinckneypirates.org

I thought it would be a touchscreen.

Our original purchase was touchscreen computers. Unfortunately they were delayed from a late August delivery to a Late October delivery. We were then offered the opportunity to switch to non-touchscreen computers that would ship in early September. So, we decided to switch the order in order to get students the tools they need. When we order our next set of Chromebooks for students later this year (bond-funded), we will be ordering touchscreen devices for students.

The bag is hard to zip.

Yes, it can be hard to zip. Here is the secret:

Before you start to zip the bag, pinch the bag near the zipper and the spine. Go ahead - try it out. It works. Trust me, I zipped a lot of bags over the past few weeks. Pinch before you close and it will zip much easier.

I have a broken screen/keyboard/trackpad/arm.

  • If something is broken with your computer (screen, trackpad, keyboard) please put in a help request - https://helpdesk.pinckneypirates.org

  • If your arm is broken please seek medical attention from a licensed professional.

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