Logging In

  1. Power on the Chromebook

If the Chromebook has been charged it will generally start up when you lift the screen to open the device. If it doesn't start show a login screen when you open the device, press the power button in the upper right corner of the keyboard.

keyboard showing power button

2. Add a person

If this is your first time using this Chromebook or if you previously logged out, click the Add a Person button at the bottom of the screen. If you have logged in before and see your name above the password field, enter your password in the field to continue.

Login options if account exists

3. Enter your username

Enter your username in the field and click next. Your username is your student ID number. Notice that "@students.pinckneypirates.org" is already in the box for you. Only PCS student and staff accounts can be used to login to a PCS student Chromebook.

Login username

4. Enter your password

Enter your password in the field and click Next to continue.

Login password