MiStar Parent Connect App

  1. Download the App

The App is developed by Aequitas Solutions, Inc. and titled "Q Parent Connect"

Play Store (Android)

The Android app is available here.

App Store (iPhones)

The iPhone app is available here.

Q for Parents Icon

2. Select the District and Login

Select the State, County, and District by touching on the blank and selecting from the list. After you select the district you can touch on Enter Parent Connection to continue.

You will then see the PCS Welcome screen and a login button in the upper right corner of the page. You will need your PIN and Password to login. You can use this form to request the account information:

3. Select Your Student

All students in your family will show after login. To continue, select a student, then select the information you would like to view. A few highlights:

  • Accounts will show outstanding charges.

  • Cafeteria will show food service account balance and activity (purchases)

Each of these sections includes a button that will open a payment area. You can pay fees or add money to a lunch account using the button here.

Select a student to learn more about the account.

Once a student is selected, options are available for a variety of topics.

Accounts displays any fees or charges the student may owe. Payments can be made with the button on the screen.

Marks is the report card information

Network Information is the student username (ID number) and password. Students are not able to change passwords.

Click the small 3 horizontal lines icon to view your account and contact information, and to sign out.

Select Re-Enrollment to verify your information and follow the prompts to complete forms and acknowledge information.

4. Review & Update Your Info
Complete re-enrollment

After selecting the My Information button you can verify or update anything you need to in the app. Not all information is editable, so you may need to contact your school office for things like an address change.

Use the button to verify and update information for contacts and students.