MiStar Student Connect App

  1. Download the App

The App is developed by Aequitas Solutions, Inc. and titled "Q Student Connect"

Play Store (Android)

The Android app is available here.

App Store (iPhones)

The iPhone app is available here.

2. Select the District and Login

Select the State, County, and District by touching on the blank and selecting from the list. After you select the district you can touch on Enter StudentConnection to continue.

You will then see the PCS Welcome screen and a login button in the upper right corner of the page. You will need your Student ID # (same as the 8 digit number of your login) and Password to login.

3. Explore

In the summer time, you will have to pick a "Track" Tracks are school years. Until the new year is officially available, you will only see info in the past year. There are several sections to check out. A few highlights:

  • Assignments will show you any missing assignments in your classes.

  • Cafeteria will show food service account balance and activity (purchases).

  • Marks is the report card section.

Select a track to get started.

Once a track is selected, options are available for a variety of topics.

Assignments displays any missing assignments you may have in your classes.

Marks is the report card information.

Cafeteria shows you your account balance for buying lunches.

GPA will display your calculated grade point average for each year.

Attendance is a report of absences and tardies.